Flash Animator tool progress update + poll.

2015-07-30 00:33:51 by hako

Hey, guys, a progress update on my last post.

I'll keep it short in TL;DR fashion and I'll hint a few details:

The tool I'm building works on both Mac and Windows (have nice GUI's) and can effectively autosave on (almost) all versions of Flash Pro. Plus it will be completely free and will be released online once testing is finshed.

In the meantime, If you're an animator or if you use Flash regularly, you can help me out by doing this quick poll.

This will help me tailor my tool to support the most popular version of Flash used by most flash animators.

(Pictures will come in the next post)



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2015-07-30 00:54:53

I love your movies! Some of them are pretty funny! :D Defiantly make more I would love to see them! Keep up the great work! If you want to sometime you can check out some of my comedy art.


2015-07-30 05:17:34



2015-07-30 11:48:01

For fhis kind of projects, I'd use http://sourceforge.net/

Upload your project there and people would like to test your program and report it.

hako responds:

I personally would stay away from uploading any free software to Sourceforge. Instead, my program will be either be available on GitHub http://github.com or self hosted.


2015-07-31 11:25:05

Could i try this?

hako responds:

Yes you can, but only if you signup as a beta tester after doing the poll.


2015-07-31 21:35:17

Ok i did. :D


2015-08-01 15:46:36

hako you are a brilliant person. excited to download this when it's released!!! :D