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New version of Swell animation tracker is released!

2016-02-07 01:26:22 by hako

Swell, the flash animation tracker has been updated for Mac and Windows and contains lots of new features and bugfixes!

If you don't know what Swell is or have not heard of it, I recommend reading my previous post introducing Swell or on my personal blog.

Again in TL;DR fashion, Swell is an animation tracker which tracks your animation and displays stats about it.

This release includes:

  • Optional autosaving - Autosaving is now optional when using Swell in Adobe Flash Professional.
  • Tracking without saving - Swell does not need to save to track your project anymore.
  • Project Migration - Migrates old swell activity data to newer ones to keep up to date.
  • Total Time Spent - Displays "Total Time Spent" when animating in Adobe Flash Professional.










You may have noticed that Swell has a new logo, (The one on the right) which has been rolled out a couple of days ago. Credit goes entirely to Paul Ter Voorde.

If you are a beta tester, this update is available now for you to use, test and send feedback. Swell is not finished but it's functional and it works, If you're not a beta tester, you can still sign up here. 

I am thrilled to answer any feedback, constructive criticism, suggestions, feature requests and general questions regarding Swell, I want this to be as useful as Swivel.

(I planned that the code to be open source in 2015, But the source code still needs testing! In the next coming months this will happen.)

If you want to learn more about Swell head over to the website if you are interested.

(Pics of Swell are in the previous post)


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2016-02-07 09:37:35

Nice, can't wait to try it out, I had trouble installing it the last time.

hako responds:

Hey Ivan, May I ask what sort of trouble?